AMD R9 290X Benchmarks Surface – Better than the GTX Titan? Surprisingly Debateable.

AMD R9 290X Benchmarks Surface – Better than the GTX Titan? Surprisingly Debateable.

Well people the much awaited clash of the Titans (Excuse my Nvidia Centric Pun) is finally here. A Real Life analysis and benchmark of the flagships of the gaming giants. In one corner we have Nvidia GTX Titan and in the other we have AMD R9 290X.

AMD R9 290X Benchmarks show no clear Victor. GTX Titan Victory Debatable.

The Benchmarks have been leaked by a guy called “Grant Kim” and he
had access to an AMD R9 290X and a Gtx Titan (Lucky Guy). He tested the
cards against each other on about 5 games. Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Grid 2 and RAGE.

Without further ado, the Benchmarks of Crysis 3:

AMD R9 290X Benchmarks AMD R9 290X Benchmarks

In this benchmark of one of the most demanding games of all times the
R9-290X performs only slightly better on average then the GTX Titan.
Both cards flicker heavily in framerate falling above and below each
other. There are times when the Titan is giving more framerates and
there are times when the 290X is giving more framerate. However i think
that on average the 290X is scoring higher.

AMD R9 290X Benchmarks AMD R9 290X Benchmarks
the GTX Titan Absolutely Destroys the 290X in this round,  and this is
possible an understatement. There are some portions where the R9 290X
cant even give out Half the Frame rate the GTX Titan is giving. No to mention that the Titan is giving a highly stable frame rate output. A possible reason for this could be driver issues and this should be kept in mind.

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In the Battlefield 3 Benchmark as well both cards perform near each other in the usual flickering characteristic. The 290X seems to have a slight edge.

4a 4c
people we finally have a bench where the 290X is a clear winner.
However unlike the Titan win this isnt a complete knockout. There is a
difference of approx 5 – 10 fps on average.


In this Skyrim Round, both cards perform on average close to each other but the GTX Titan has a slight edge on the AMD R9 290X.

Conclusion of the GTX Titan vs AMD R9 290X Benchmark

Well one thing is clear, when the GTX Titan first came it blew every
single gpu card clear out of the water, this does not appear to be the
case with AMD’s R9 9290X. Infact it is even debatable which card is
better. The 290X has only performed slightly better then the Titan at
best, while the Titan literally knocked it out in one round. Such
fluctuating results do not give a clear winner and this is what
surprises us. Hawaii suffering from Early Drivers or something more?

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