AMD Bringing Athlon and Sempron back from the Dead – Quad Core 25W APU for Desktops

AMD Bringing Athlon and Sempron back from the Dead – Quad Core 25W APU for Desktops

We have just received confirmation
from Chinese Sources that AMD is reviving Athlon ( Officially
terminated in 2005) and Sempron (Unofficially dead in 2011). This is
very interesting news because if AMD is reviving the aforementioned
series then it means that we will see modern version of these classics ( Anyone remember the Athlons of Legend? ). So far we have only information about APU production.

AMD Reviving Athlon and Sempron in the form of Ultra Low Power Quad Core APUs for Desktops.

athlon logoWithout
further ado, the specs and details. The Newly revived Athlon (This is
the Athlon of Old, not the Athlon II or Athlon 64) and Sempron will
utilize the modern FS1b Socket Interface. It will also support USB 3.0,
Sata 6G/s and support DX 11.2. Not only that but we have received confirmation that it will support Mantle as well. The TDP of ALL 4 APUs listed will be 25W. Their target market are HTPC Desktops.

The first product is Athlon 5350. The 5350 will serve as the flagship
of these new ultra low power processors. It will be a Quad Core and
have an L2 cache of 2 MB. It will feature the Radeon HD 8400 with 128 Steam Processors and a frequency of 600 Mhz. Memory Support will be of DDR3-1600. It will be clocked at a decent 2.05 Ghz.

The second product is the Athlon 5150 is basically the same processor
with just the clock rate downclocked to 1.6Ghz. Rest specifications are
an exact duplicate of the 5350.

The third product is Sempron 3850. It will be a Quad Core with 2MB
Cache and a Radeon HD 8280 (Just a re brand of the 8400, basically only
the clock speed is different) Clocked at 450 Mhz. It will have 128 SP.
It will be clocked at 1.3 Ghz.
The final product, the Sempron 2650 will be the only Dual Core APU.
It will have an  L2 Cache of 1 MB and will be clocked at 1.4 Ghz. It
will feature the Radeon HD 8240 with 128SP @ 400 mHz. It will support a
lower memory config of  DDR3-1333

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