Intel Edison Unveiled – A Tiny 22nm Dual-Core PC Which Is Equal To The Size Of An SD Card

Intel Edison Unveiled – A Tiny 22nm Dual-Core PC Which Is Equal To The Size Of An SD Card

Everyone wants big things in smaller dimensions, and so the technology developers and manufacturers have always worked for years to create things that are small yet powerful. Every computer and mobile manufacturing
company wants its products to be slimmer but in the meantime, faster.
Intel is a company that is working hard to bring the power of personal
computer in very small sizes and so the company has introduced a new
dual core computer named as Intel Edison, that is roughly equal to the
size of an SD memory card.

Intel Edison PC Announced  – Full 22nm Dual-Core PC In The Palm of Your Hands

Today at Consumer Electronics Show 2014, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich
introduced Intel Edison PC, a new type of small-scale version of
personal computer that is based on the same technology which Intel used
in its Quark SoC, which was revealed four months ago. The tiny Intel
Edison PC is mainly developed for professional use and is aimed at developers. “It’s a full system. It’s a full pentium-class PC in the form factor of an SD card,” says Krzanich.

The Intel Edison computer is similar to an SD memory card in its
design, it is built on the company’s 22nm transistor technology that
allows this tiny computer to operate smoothly. Intel Edison PC has been
designed to run the Linux operating system and also features built-in
wireless and Bluetooth modules. According to Krzanich, the Edison PC is
basically aimed at developers who would use it to develop next
generation wearable technology and connected devices. Intel has
intentions of “making everything smart” with its new Edison PC.

To present the Intel Edison PC in more attractive manner and to lead the developers by an example, Intel managed to take out some time and demonstrate a small number of tiny devices that the processor manufacturer had already created using its new Edison PC.

The collection, called as “Nursery 2.0” included a toy frog that is
designed to keep the parents updated on their infant’s vitals via an LED
installed in a coffee cup, the second device was a milk warmer that is
designed to automatically start heating the milk when another connected
device, such as the toy frog, sends it a signal after hearing cries of the baby.

Intel Edison

To mark a tight and quick entry of the Edison PC into the industry
and to motivate the developers, Intel also announced the “Make it
Wearable” competition and said that prizes of up to $1.3 million would
be offered to those who will take part in the competition by developing
wearable and connected devices using the Intel Edison PC. The company
did not reveal any further details of the contest but Krzanich clarified
that the first prize would be of a whopping $500,000. Those who want to
take part in the contest would have to wait for sometime until the
Intel  Edison PC is released in mid-2014.

Intel Edison PC

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