AMD Catalyst 14.6 Introduces Brand New Eyefinity and Mantle for Notebooks with Enduro

AMD Catalyst 14.6 Introduces Brand New Eyefinity and Mantle for Notebooks with Enduro

tells us that AMD will soon be releasing a new drivers patch dubbed the
AMD Catalyst 14.6. Now this particular update, along with the various
performance updates and bug fixes will include 2 major updates. The
first one is the activation of Mantle API in Notebooks with Enduro
Technology and the second major feature is the inclusion of a new
Eyefinity implementation affectionately dubbed “Eyefinity 3.0″ by VCZ.

Upcoming AMD Catalyst 14.6 Update will Feature Mantle for Mobility and a new Eyefinity System

Lets start with “Eyefinity 3.0 (not the official name)” first;
basically this update will allow ‘Mixed Resolutions’ in a multi display
setup. Do you have a couple of old LCDs lying around that would be just
perfect if the Eyefinity configuration didn’t screw up the FOV and area
displayed? Well, this iteration of the Eyefinity solves just that. The
example AMD provided was of a single 1600p display and 2 1080p displays,
most games wouldn’t support such a resolution, but after this Catalyst
update, you should be able to run it just fine. Inside that, you will
have two options, either fill the area completely, or constraint the

catalyst-14.6-fill-eyefinity-mode-and-expand-mode calyst-14.6-fit-mode

AMD termed it as the third major update for catalyst, which
consequently earned it the nick of Eyefinity 3.0. Lastly,  Mantle is now
supported on AMD notebooks with Enduro technology. The stated official
performance figures are on par with the original Mantle figures, with
Star Swarm showing a major performance increase and Battlefield 4
showing a small but significant performance increase. Oh and by the way,
this update is also Watch Dogs ready. AMD also claims that it will
provide 99% scaling in multiple GPU configurations for Watch Dogs.

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