AMD Launches a Mysterious Countdown Timer for a Possible New Architecture, GPU or Product

AMD Launches a Mysterious Countdown Timer for a Possible New Architecture, GPU or Product

Well well well, this just popped up a few hours back and it appears that
AMD is launching something new and exciting on the 4th of June (aka
Computex) and in approximately 6 days. The countdown timer can be found
at the eye-raising domain “” and shows an object rising on a balloon at the periphery of earth and space.

AMD Launching ‘Something’ at the Edge of Space on June 4 – Possible New Architecture, GPU or Product

Now heres the thing, the only thing that even remotely links this
site to AMD at first glance, is the familiar artwork of the blue popup
claiming “So far ahead of its time that we are launching it at the edge
of space”. However, if you were to perform a WhoIs trace you would find
the site registered to a certain “Advanced Micro Devices” and even AMD’s
Marketing Manager Christian Dotzauer. So this site is obviously being
hosted by AMD and for a launch of its own product. If that didn’t
convince you, sometime back the site page actually had the AMD prefix
but it has now been conveniently removed. So onto the actual launch. I
am just kidding, we obviously have no material as such as to what this
is and even the speculation shit time will be more speculation and less
informed guesswork.

The first that came to mind was obviously Mobile Kaveri. Mobile
Kaveri is infact launching at around the same time in June and is
actually faster than the immediate competition if the Slides are to be
believed. So that is indeed the primary candidate on statistics alone.
But something just doesn’t add up about launching a mobile based chip,
whose nomenclature extends from a river, in space. This could be the new
upcoming Tonga GPU Architecture (and the GPU) from AMD which is
designed to directly counter Maxwell’s power/performance ratings and
would generally deserve a launch in space more than Mobile Kaveri.
Ofcourse, it could be the launch of AMD’s new microprocessor
architecture that we have bee hearing so much about, the one that is
thought to revive Red’s flailing compute section and provide Intel with
real competition again. Or, it could be something else entirely,
something we have no clue about. An example being a chip for a security
actor such as Lockheed Martin, or even NASA. There is no point in going
down this particular road because the list is endless, but this is going
to get decent hype very soon (June 4th) and I for one can’t wait to see
what it is.

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