New Watch Dogs PS4 Full HD 1080p Direct-Feed Gameplay Footage Leaked

New Watch Dogs PS4 Full HD 1080p Direct-Feed Gameplay Footage Leaked

Watch Dogs’ launch is still over a week away and leaks from the game
have already started to flood the gaming websites and discussion forums.
Videos and screenshots from the beta version of the game are also
contributing in the library of leaked in-game media content but most
leaks are certainly coming from sources that have already got their
hands on the complete version of the game.

Watch this New Watch Dogs Full HD 1080p Direct-Feed Gameplay Footage Leaked form PlayStation 4 Version of the Game

Ubisoft’s upcoming highly anticipated and most awaited open world
action adventure video game, Watch Dogs, is about more than a week away
from its worldwide launch, but it looks like plenty of fans are already
sitting next to their display units and enjoying the game. Leaked Watch
Dogs media content including gameplay videos, screenshots and GIF’s are
emerging from various corners of the internet.

Almost all Watch Dogs Leaked media content that got our attention was
from consoles version of the game, specifically from PlayStation 4. A
couple of days ago we shared some leaked
GIF’s, webm’s and even a leaked 4 minute video of Watch Dogs which was
most certainly running on the PlayStation 4 that was plugged into the
HDMI in port of an Xbox One.

The problem is that almost all of the Watch Dogs gameplay videos that
have been leaked until now are under a curse of compression. Twitch
Stream proved to be origin of the leaks and so viewers did not enjoy the
gameplay footage in high definition. Finally now, we can enjoy some
Watch Dogs gameplay footage from PlayStation 4 version of the game in
full HD 1080p Resolution.

Spotted on Dailymotion by Gearnuke is a set of two Watch Dogs gameplay videos
running on PlayStation 4 in 1080p resolution. Without further ado, both
gameplay videos can be viewed below. The gameplay videos can also be
downloaded from here.

Watch Dogs is foreseen to be one of the biggest video game titles
ever developed by Ubisoft. The developer itself is really pleased with
the game and expects highly from it. It looks like the game is going to
be an immense win as it has already set a new record for the most
pre-ordered Ubisoft’s new IP.

Watch Dogs is set to launch on May 27, 2014 for Microsoft Windows,
PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Wii U version of
the game will arrive later this year. Stay tuned for news about Watch


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