Watch Dogs vs InFamous Second Son Screenshot Comparison: PlayStation 4 Exclusive Looks Fairly Better

Watch Dogs vs InFamous Second Son Screenshot Comparison: PlayStation 4 Exclusive Looks Fairly Better

Ubisoft claims Watch Dogs
to be a brand new IP that will truly define next-gen graphics and
in-game visuals. The game is said to be the first open-world
action-adventure video game that has put PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
hardware capabilities to test, since it is so dense that none of the
next-gen consoles can run it at full HD 1080p resolution and 60fps.
Below is a screenshot comparison that shows how Watch Dogs holds up
against one of the top visually most impressive next-gen video games out

Watch Dogs vs InFamous Second Son Screenshot Comparison Shows Shadow Effects, Textures and Lightning Differences

Watch Dogs has been in development for around five years
and it is counted among some of the most expensive games that Ubisoft
has ever developed. The game was actually set to release last year, but
after observing Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V’s fame due to its uplifted visuals, Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs in order to polish the game and make it look better than anything.

Being one of the most impressive games of previous-gen, Rockstar’s
open-world title has a lot of life in it. Most people are comparing
Watch Dogs with Grand Theft Auto V, but is not precisely a right
comparison. Other than Watch Dogs itself, there are some very impressive
next-gen games with which, Ubisoft’s upcoming game should be compared.
For instance, how about a Watch Dogs vs Sucker Punch Production’s open world InFamous Second Son comparison?

Some reports claim that Watch Dogs sets new graphical standards for open world action-adventure video games on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. To find out if the claims really hold some weight, Gamepur
decided to set up a Watch Dogs vs Infamous Second Son screenshot
comparison showcasing shadow effects, textures, lightning and in-game
environments from both games.

Looking at the Watch Dogs vs InFamous Second Son screenshots, it is
clear that the PlayStation 4 exclusive video game is way more detailed
than Ubisoft’s gem. Of course, Watch Dogs is developed for all major
gaming platforms, this means that the developer did not focus on one
platform only, the game is said to be equally optimized across all
platforms through efforts. This is the reason why the game is not able
to outshine a title that is solely developed for one next-gen video game

Watch Dogs vs InFamous Second Son screenshot comparison can be viewed
below. In each set, the first image is from Watch Dogs and the other
images come from PlayStation 4 exclusive Infamous Second Son.

Sun Lightning (Set 1)

Watch Dogsinfamous-second-son-launch-screen-214291969723_35ba661d43_o

Explosion (Set 2)

SDB5atp 1394892103-3 InFAMOUS_Second_Son-bridge_destruction_3

Sea, Sun and Remote Objects (Set 3)

Watch Dogs Infamous Second Son Infamous

Road and Buildings (Set 4)

Watch DogsinFAMOUS


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