14nm Broadwelll 2-in-1 ‘Llama Mountain’ Will Start from $599 – Thinner than the iPad Air

14nm Broadwelll 2-in-1 ‘Llama Mountain’ Will Start from $599 – Thinner than the iPad Air

Broadwell is coming, and it will enter from the mobile market before
trickling down to desktop variants. The Core M 2-in-1 codenamed ‘Llama
Mountain’ is based on the Broad well 14nm node and will give you the
best of PC and Tablets in one packaging. In the correct Ultrabook model
this will be thinner than the iPad Air. The featherlight and fanless
design will start from $599 with the Ultrabook model starting at $799;
which you might notice is more than the iPad Air. But then again, a
2-in-1 is not just a tablet.

Intel’s 2-in-1 Codenamed ‘Llama Mountain’ will feature Broadwell Core M and target the $799 Price point

If one thing is clear, it is Intel’s leadership in the Microprcoessor
Architecture sector. Their performance-per-watt is second to none. But
the thing is, the PC Market is shifting to Tablets, and people are
perfectly happy with the power an ARM powered tablet provides. And since
the last few years or so, Intel has started to realize just how big a
folly it was, to not enter the Tablet market sooner. Well here is
exhibit one of their latest attempt, which I must say looks quite
promising. Now as I mentioned before, the price tag is higher ($799) but
you are getting a 2-in-1 and not just a tablet. There
is a much more affordable model at $599, which is the  Broadwell
Detachable Notebook but will be thicker than the Ultrabook variant
though still fanless.

Now heres the other faucet, Intel is trying to enter the market with
superior hardware, fine, no one argues with that. But what about the
operating system? Most people arent fans of Windows 8.1 but Apple users
swear by the iOS. It comes down to a basic battle of iOS vs Windows 8.1
just as much as the hardware differences and price point. At the end of
the day, you want the tablet or 2-in-1 to look cool from the ‘inside’
too not just feature a really thin body. Add the fact that there is now
an Office for iOS and the mundane needs of the average web surfer and
worker are fulfilled. In all honesty Intel will always have a niche of
things that a mobile platform just cannot replace, which include the
High End Gaming Market, Professional Market and the HPC Market. Analysts
are claiming that the PC market is diminishing but they conveniently
fail to account for the revenue offset by shifting to a smaller highend
market from a larger broad spectrum market. And the same fact can be
noticed by looking up Intel’s share price over the last five years,
which has remained almost completely Bullish, indicating high confidence
by its shareholders. But lets not get into that now, on an ending note,
looks like we will be getting a look at Broadwell soon enough.

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