Can Watch Dogs Push Rockstar to Reveal GTA V for PC and Next-Gen Consoles at E3 2014?

Can Watch Dogs Push Rockstar to Reveal GTA V for PC and Next-Gen Consoles at E3 2014?

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users are already enjoying some great open
world action adventure games such as Watch Dogs, but without Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto
title for the latest consoles, the library of next-gen open world
action-adventure video games seems incomplete. However, word on the
street is that Rockstar is most possibly preparing a stage at E3 2014
for Grand Theft Auto V next-gen port announcement; Well why not? Watch
Dogs has tolerably taken over GTA’s next-gen throne and Rockstar needs
to give out something everyone is hankering for to claim its place back.

Why Next-Gen GTA V Announcement for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at E3 2014 is More Likely than Ever

GTA V has been rumored to release on latest consoles and PC ever
since the game was originally released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
last year. These rumors and leaks regarding next-gen version of the game
have equally cheered up and annoyed many fans. Hints about a next-gen
version of GTA V have dashed in from all means possible, including
industry insiders and company officials. Looking at the sphere and how
things are moving in the gaming industry; the possibility of Rockstar
releasing its all-time hit title on next-gen consoles and PC is enough
to make this post read on.

GTA V broke several industry records upon its release on the last-gen
consoles. One of the seven top-of-the-list awards that the game has
earned is the best-selling video game in first 24 hours of its
availability. Reportedly, Rockstar generated more than $800 million from
GTA V sales on its release day, this amount translates into about 13
million sold copies of the game. With a crowd this huge, GTA V became on
of the top video game titles ever developed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox

Even after early comparisons and Watch Dogs reviews proving that the
game is not much impressive than Rockstar’s open world action-adventure
title, Ubisoft is still slowly scoring new records with it. This is
apparently because Watch Dogs is not into a strong brawl with some other
next-gen open world action adventure title, and only something like
next-gen version of GTA V for latest consoles and PC can stiff the
competition. If Rockstar really has something in store for next-gen
video games library, this might be a really good time for bringing it on
the stage. Talking business-wise, producing new format of a game that
ranks among largest selling titles of all time is nothing less than a
smart move, and when you have an anxious audience numbering in millions,
sales will shoot up like anything.


Initially, GTA V’s multiplayer suffered with a lot of common bugs and
glitches, but now when the developer has stabilized the gameplay and
in-game economy, GTA Online  is ranked among top last-gen games’
multiplayer modes. PC gamers are not having a good time with Watch Dogs,
not only the multiplayer is causing trouble but the game’s single
player mode is also affected by bad frame rates and other glitches.

 Releasing next-gen version of GTA V now will not only bewitch
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, it will also put the arm on hardcore
PC gamers to break open their piggy banks and grab their copies of the

“Rockstar Games is hard at work on their upcoming lineup, and we’re
excited about what they have in store for the new generation of systems
this fiscal year,” said Take Two Interative’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick a
couple of weeks ago in an earnings call with investors and analysts,
making it clear that Rockstar has something coming up. While its not
completely sure that the upcoming lineup is next-gen GTA V, it is more
likely than ever that Rockstar will reveal GTA V at the upcoming E3 2014
for latest-gen consoles and PC; that will give some hard time to Watch
Dogs for sure.

People identified as Rockstar employe’s and industry insiders have
been saying that next-gen GTA V is undoubtedly among E3 2014′s least
disclosed video games. We all know that Rockstar does not usually
participate in E3 and this time too, the company’s appearance has not
been officially confirmed. However, Take Two Interactive, the
distributor of GTA V on last-gen consoles, will be attending this year’s
E3, thus, gamer’s have their hopes high. Worth to mention here, an
insider also suggested that there is a possibility of Sony announcing
the next-gen GTA V.

After the website pre-orders, insiders’ tips and Take Two statements,
do you think Grand Theft Auto V next-gen port is really imminent? Let
us know in the comments below.


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