Corsair Unveils The Hydro Series HG10 – Lowers AMD Radeon R9 290X Temperature By 17 C

Corsair Unveils The Hydro Series HG10 – Lowers AMD Radeon R9 290X Temperature By 17 C

Taiwanese manufacturer Corsair has just unveiled its Hydro Series HG10
liquid cooling bracket. This bracket now gives gamers the opportunity to
replace stock coolers on graphics cards with any of Corsair’s self
contained liquid CPU coolers with a compatible graphics card. The
company has displayed the Hydro Series HG10 along with new cases and
peripherals at Computex taking place as we speak right now.Corsair
claims that their solution results in drastically reduced temperatures.
It achieves this through not only cooling the GPU but also through
covering the power delivery and RAM on board through the bracket.

Corsair Demos The Hydro Series HG10 On AMD’s Radeon R9 290X. Temperature And Fan Speed Reduced By 15% And 27% Respectively.

The company claims that the HG10 offers full coverage for compatible
reference GPU designs. According to the official press release, the HG10
GPU bracket allows enthusiasts to cool their GPUs by 50 C and VRM/
VRAMs by 25 C. At Computex today, the Hydro Series HG10 was demonstrated
on AMD’s Radeon R9 290X. Running the TechPowerUp GPUZ 0.78 it could be
seen at the demo that the GPU was cooled significantly from 94 C to 77
C. This is a 15% decrease in overall GPU temperature. Coming towards fan
speed, prior to the bracket being installed, the Fan Speed was running
on 47%. After the Hydro Series HG10 being installed, this decreased to a
modest 27%.

The first edition of the Hydro Series HG10 will be available in this
month. The initial model, first out of two is the HG10 A1 Edition. It
will support AMD’s Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X reference graphics cards.
The Hydro Series HG10 is priced at $39. It has been designed catering to
specific AMD and Nvidia GPU layouts. The Hydro Series HG10 version
supporting Nvidia’s GPUs, the HG10 N1 Edition will arrive later this
year. Also support for other AMD GPUs will be extended as well. The
Hydro Series HG10 is compatible with Corsair Hydro Series H110, H105,
H100i, H100, H80i, H80, H75, H60 and H55.

Press Release

Corsair, a worldwide leader
in high-performance PC hardware, today announced the Hydro Series HG10
GPU cooling bracket, a powerful new accessory that gives gamers the
opportunity to replace a stock graphics card cooler with any of
Corsair’s Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers. The resulting upgrade
unleashes the GPU’s hidden graphics performance by reducing GPU
temperatures by as much as 50°C (122F), cutting down on droning fan
noise, reducing GPU throttling, and boosting overclocking potential.
In conjunction with the new
HG10, Corsair also premiered new LED-infused versions of its
award-winning Air Series SP120 and SP140 static pressure fans in five
different colors – red, white, blue, green, or purple.Hydro Series HG10
GPU Liquid Cooling Bracket
The HG10 offers full
coverage for compatible reference-design GPUs, meaning it’s not just
cooling your GPU itself, but the red-hot VRMs and VRAM on your card.
After installing the HG10 GPU bracket, a PC enthusiast can mount any
Corsair Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler (available separately) to chill
their graphics card’s GPU (up to 50°C) and VRM/VRAM (up to 25°C) lower
than stock temperatures. Don’t be afraid to push that overclock and
extract every bit of performance from a graphics card – paired with a
Hydro Series cooler, the HG10 can quickly dissipate large amounts of
heat, and will reduce noise significantly compared to the GPU’s stock
The HG10 is a
straightforward to install. With only an ordinary screwdriver, you can
easily swap your graphics card’s stock cooler with the HG10 bracket –
all without the hassle and mess of installing a custom “open loop”
liquid cooling setup. The HG10 cleverly re-uses the stock cooler’s
radial fan, ensuring consistent airflow over the graphics card’s memory
and power circuitry while maintaining compatibility with the GPU’s
built-in fan control circuitry.
The HG10 is priced at
$39.99 and available in several editions designed for specific AMD and
NVIDIA graphics cards layouts. The first available edition – due in June
– supports the AMD 290x/290 reference cards. Future versions for NVIDIA
and other AMD cards arrive later this year.

Black anodized aluminum with opaque black ABS shroud•Compatible liquid coolers:
Corsair Hydro Series H110, H105, H100i, H100, H80i, H80, H75, H60, H55•HG10 Editions and supported graphics cards:

HG10 A1 Edition – AMD RadeonTM R9 290X/290 reference cards
HG10 N1 Edition – NVIDIA GeForce Titan, 780 Ti, 780, 770 (coming Q3)•Warranty: 2 years
•Price: $39.99
Air Series LED SP120 and LED SP140 High-Performance Edition Static Pressure Case Fans
The visually striking Air Series SP120 LED and SP140 LED fans
incorporate the award-winning design of Corsair’s SP series fans – a
design that utilizes seven ultra-wide, custom-molded blades to deliver
higher static pressure for radiators and heat sinks, resulting in
superior cooling efficiency. Rubber mounts and highly reliable hydraulic
bearings deliver outstanding cooling with exceptionally low vibration,
noise, and turbulence. These new LED fans are available in 120 mm and
140 mm sizes with red, white, blue, green, or purple LED lighting which
illuminate the clear-frosted blades with four vivid LEDs.
Air Series SP120 LED•MSRP: $12.99 single pack / $23.99 double pack
•Size: 120 mm x 25 mm
•Operating Voltage: 7-12V
•Airflow: 57.24 CFM
•Static Pressure: 1.6 mm/H20
•RPM: 1550
•Sound level: 26.4 dBA
•Connector: 3-pin
Air Series SP140 LED•MSRP: $15.99 single pack / $29.99 double pack
•Size: 140 mm x 25 mm
•Operating Voltage: 7-12V
•Airflow: 49.49 CFM
•Static Pressure: 1.17 mm/H20
•RPM: 1440
•Sound level: 29.3 dBA
•Connector: 3-pin
Corsair Hydro Series HG10 Graphics Card Cooler

Before the Hydro Series HG10: (Images are courtesy of GDM.OR.JP)


After the Hydro Series HG10:


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