Intel’s Devil’s Canyon Processors will Not be Supported on 8th Series Chipset, Pentium Anniversary Will Be

Intel’s Devil’s Canyon Processors will Not be Supported on 8th Series Chipset, Pentium Anniversary Will Be

Devil’s Canyon and Intel Z97 compatibility is turning into quite the
soap opera. We have just received photos from our colleagues at Hermitage Akihabara
which confirm that Intel Devil’s Canyon will not supported on 8 Series
Chipsets and Z87. Only the Pentium 20th Anniversary Unlocked Processors
will work with  both chipsets. That is, unless the motherboard
manufacturers have something to say about it.

Intel’s Devil’s Canyon 4th Gen Unlocked Processors will Not Work on 8 Series – Could Motherboard Manufacturers Save the Day?

Now we did a story a few days back about how some motherboard manufacturers are thinking rebellion.
It would appear that the recent z97 embargo break might have set an
unwanted precedent (atleast for Intel); meaning that no one cares about
Intel’s commandments anymore. While I am all for anarchy and chaos, this
does not bode well for Intel. Before we go ahead, I am sure you will
want to see the proof for yourself. Here are the pictures, soon to be
displayed at Intel’s Computex Booth, courtesy of our Japanese friends:

devil's canyon and pentium 20th anniversary

I don’t know about you folks, but thats pretty solid evidence against
the z87 argument. I think its safe to say that Devil’s Canyon, Intel’s
Unlocked 4th Generation Processors are not going to work with Z87 at
launch. The good news is that since there is no architectural
difference, and the incompatibility exists at the software level and
artificially introduced; so it should be easy for motherboard
manufacturers to roll out a new bios that grants 4th Gen, K series
compatibility.  So yes, it is very much possible for motherboard
manufacturers to do that, but the question is, will they? It is crystal
clear that Intel does not want the Devil’s Canyon processors mixing with
8 Series motherboards, but in the case of a breach, just what exactly
is Intel prepared to do? A few days back saw ASUS breaking the Z97 Embargo and nearly everyone following suite,
basically screwing Intel’s NDA to heck. The repercussions? none. So
with this feeling of a soap opera unfolding infront of my eyes, I
anxiously await Intel’s reveal at Computex this year, who knows maybe it
will surprise us.

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