AMD Will Be Launching 8GB Variants of the Radeon R9 290X ‘Hawaii’ in November

AMD Will Be Launching 8GB Variants of the Radeon R9 290X ‘Hawaii’ in November

If you are a regular reader of tech news then you might wonder what is
up with this news piece since the 8GB R9 290X version from SAPPHIRE
already exists. Well, allow me to explain, AMD has now decided to allow
some more AIBs to introduce 8GB versions without significantly
increasing the price. This is in an effort to compete with the GTX 980
flagship that was recently released. (Source: Sweclockers via Videocardz)

PowerColor and Club3D AMD exclusive AIBs granted permission to launch 8GB Radeon R9 290X

The two AIBs that have now been granted permission by AMD are Power
Color and Club3d (both subsidiaries of TUL Corp.) As you already know
two variants of the 290x, namely the Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Vapor and
Toxic, are already out there; but in an effort to increase margins and
combat the newly discovered threat of the Maxwells, AMD has decided to
allow 8GB variants for the holiday season. These new GPUs by Club3D and
Power Color would be perfect to install in Crossfire considering the
large amount of vRAM. A Dual R9 290X 8GB Solution should be affordable
and able to handle most games at 4k, while offering pretty decent

The heart of the card will ofcourse be the Hawaii core containing
2816 stream processors, 176 texture units, 64 raster operations
pipelines and an absolutely huge 512-bit memory bus. Trust me when I say
this, this chip is engineered to handle huge resolutions. It is worth
mentioning that the Sapphire variants had increased core clock and
memory clock so you can expect the new variants to have the same. In
fact, I am slightly partial to the Club3D brand because their GPUs tend
to overclock like crazy. I have seen some units overclock +300Mhz
without breaking a sweat (on stock cooler).

The cards are going to come in November with AMD supported by its two
key partners, Sapphire and TUL Corp. (the main holding of Power Color
and Club 3D). However, all that said, this is slightly worrisome news.
Because if increasing the memory is all that AMD has planned for the
holiday season, then it appears to not be launching any new GPU this
year. Although to be honest, that was kinda expected after their
earnings call where they mentioned that the flagships would be landing
next year.

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