Specifications Price And Dimensions Of The Galaxy A5 Leaked By Retailer

Specifications Price And Dimensions Of The Galaxy A5 Leaked By Retailer

Things have started to move quickly in Samsung Galaxy A5 territory
with a retailer having posted full device specifications on its website
today. Earlier we saw some high quality pictures of the Galaxy A5 posted online, which showed a good looking device departing from Samsung’s long held metal tradition.

The posting by the Kazaki retailer not only lists the specifications
and price of the device, but it also provides us some insight on what
Samsung’s next metal device will end up costing. According to the
retailer, the Samsung Galaxy A5 will be available in Kazakhstan with a
price tag of 99,990 Teng. Converting these into US Dollars translates
into a not-so-modest price tag of $552.

Samsung Galaxy A5 To Cost $552 And Come With 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor.

Spotted by hitecmail.ru, the posting gives us quite a few details
about the Galaxy A5. Apart from the price tag of $552 in Kazakhstan, the
device will also come with a rather modest dual core processor capable
of achieving frequencies of up to 1.2 GHz. This could potentially end up
being Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 or 410.

In addition to this, the Galaxy A5 will come with a 5 inch Super
AMOLED display and a 13 MP rear camera. The battery on the Galaxy A5
will be light when compared to other devices in the industry with a
capacity of 2300 mAh, but given the chipset powering it, perhaps it will
be sufficient. The Galaxy A5 will also come with 16 GB of internal
memory and a micro SD expansion slot.

The device will measure 139.3 x 69.7 x 7 mm and have a weight of 123
grams. These specifications posted by the retailer suggest a reasonable
device for those who do not require high performance from their devices
but with the price tag of $552, the question still remains that will the
Galaxy A5 catch on in the market? We’ll find out more when the product
launches. Let us know in the comments about what you think in the


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