Nvidia GM200 Titan 2, AMD Fiji 380X and Bermuda 390X Benchmarks Leaked

Nvidia GM200 Titan 2, AMD Fiji 380X and Bermuda 390X Benchmarks Leaked

Nvidia’s GM200 GPU / Titan 2 was benchmarked against AMD’s upcoming Fiji
XT GPU / R9 380X and Bermuda XT / R9 390X courtesy of a new leak by
chiphell. As usual take this with the handy grain of salt as there’s no
way to confidently verify leaks such as this.

There’s really no way to tell for sure what Nvidia and AMD may call
the products based on these GPUs in the future. So names such as Titan
2, R9 380X and R9 390X will only serve as place holders to help you
identify the positioning of the graphics cards in question.

Nvidia GM200 / Titan 2 , AMD Fiji / R9 380X and Bermuda / R9 390X Benchmarked

Without any further delay let’s get into the contents of this new leak.

1- The author on Chiphell claims that both Fiji and Bermuda i.e R9
380X and R9 390X are manufactured on a 20nm process node by
Globalfoundries. The author did not specify which process GM200 is built
on however.

2- There are two versions of GM200, a cut down version with 21 SMM
units amounting to 2688 CUDA cores and a fully unlocked “full fat”
version with an unknown number of SMMs / CUDA cores.

3- Fiji XT will not be the flagship GPU from AMD, the flagship will be Bermuda XT.

4- The fully unlocked “full fat” GM200 is 34% faster than the GTX 980
according to the leaker. This puts it at roughly 2816-3072 CUDA cores
assuming it’s slightly underclocked compared to the GTX 980.

5- Bermuda XT / R9 390X is 65% faster than the R9 290X / Hawaii XT
and will feature a hybrid “Hydra” liquid cooling unit similar to the R9
295X2. This matches the previous leak by a Chinese source that we saw a few months back, which indicated that AMD will be using liquid cooling on a future single-GPU graphics card.

R9 390X / Bermuda XT liquid cooling

This brings us to the actual benchmarks. The author on Chiphell
included benchmarking results that spanned 20 different games as well as
power consumption figures under Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

Nvidia GM200 TItan 2, AMD Fiji,

the above graph we can see that both the cut down GM200 GPU and the
Fiji XT engineering sample are very close in terms of performance and
power consumption. GM200 edges out Fiji XT / R9 380X slightly in
performance while the 380X is slightly ahead in efficiency (perf/w). The
sizable gains in efficiency by AMD may be attributed to the new 20nm
process as well as the use of 3D stacked High Bandwidth Memory, called
HBM for short. The new memory promises to consume half as much power as
GDDR5 and perform nearly 9 times faster.

Unfortunately the author did not include power consumption figures
for the “full fat” fully unlocked GM200 GPU nor for the Bermuda XT/ R9
390X but said that the power consumption for the latter was in an
acceptable range. I’d expect that both Bermuda and the fully unlocked
GM200 GPUs to hold the same sort of power efficiency figures as their
smaller siblings the cut down GM200 and Fiji XT.

Nvidia GM200 TItan 2, AMD Fiji, Bermuda

we can see both Bermuda XT / R9 390X and “full fat” GM200 / Titan II
compared. Neither of the flagships outperform the R9 295X2 but they come
close.  The 390X edges out the Titan II in BF4 MP, CoD : AW and
Watchdogs while showing a considerable lead in Dragon Age : Inquisition
and Ryse : Son of Rome. The performance of both is quite astonishing.
Providing a true next generation leap that puts them significantly ahead
of anything out right now.

Considering that these are engineering samples the final products
should perform even better with higher clock speeds and improved
drivers. Especially if the R9 390X reference design ends up with a
liquid cooling unit as the leaker suggests. I’d expect to see very
impressive temperatures, acoustics and huge overclocking potential.

If the above performance numbers are anything to go by then we should see the following specs.
Bermuda XT / R9 390X : 70-74 compute units amounting to 4480-4736 GCN core
Fiji XT / R9 380X : 56-60 compute units amounting to 3584-3840 GCN core.

WCCFTech GCN/CUDA Cores Performance Relative to GTX 980
Bermuda XT / R9 390X 4480-4736 145%
GM200 “full fat” / Titan 2 2816-3072 134%
Cut Down GM200 / GTX 980 Ti ? 2688 123%
Fiji XT / R9 380X 3584-3840 117%

Lets just hope that AMD and Nvidia don’t keep us waiting too long for these phenomenal and most likely quite expensive GPUs.

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