Samsung Galaxy A7 Coming Without LTE? FCC Seems To Suggest So

Samsung Galaxy A7 Coming Without LTE? FCC Seems To Suggest So

With 2015 almost with us, Samsung is reportedly planning several
overhauls to its device lineup. From targeting mid-range devices to
introducing new devices, the manufacturer seems to have big plans for
next year. One of Samsung devices expected to be with us soon is the
Samsung Galaxy A7. The Samsung Galaxy A7 has popped up quite a few times
these days and today we’ve gotten a chance to learn more about the

Samsung Galaxy A7 Spotted At FCC – Device Not Coming With LTE On Board.

Previously, the Samsung Galaxy A7
has been rumored to come featuring a full-HD screen with a resolution
of 1920 x 1080. This is to be powered by 1.5 GHz ARM v8 CPU that will
lend the device 64 bit capability and therefore end up adding greater
support for Android Lollipop. The device is also expected to come
featuring dual-SIM capability, something which should interest those
with more than one device on their hands presently.

Well, the most recent sighting of the Galaxy A7 on the FCC has some
disappointing news in store for all of us. The device has been spotted
at the FCC with model number SM-A700H and, no LTE support present on
board. A previous filing on the FCC indicating that the device might be
coming with a 5.2 inch screen, with rumors pointing towards 5.5 inches.

No LTE support on the Galaxy A7 could have a major impact on how the
device is received by the market since LTE connectivity is something
which a lot of users prefer owing to high-speeds and easy accessibility.
What could have prompted Samsung to make such a decision remains
unknown. Perhaps its a part of the company’s strategy to target the
mid-level market segment next year, and eliminating LTE on the Galaxy A7
will help drive down costs. We’ll keep you updated as this develops.

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