Ubisoft Confirms Leaked Assassin’s Creed Victory – Screenshots Show Victorian London in Next-Gen Visuals

Ubisoft Confirms Leaked Assassin’s Creed Victory – Screenshots Show Victorian London in Next-Gen Visuals

Update: Following the leak, Ubisoft has issued a
statement confirming the existence of the new Assassin’s Creed title,
codenamed “Assassin’s Creed Victory.” You can check out the official
statement below.
Original Story: It has hardly been 2 weeks since the
disastrous launch of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, which featured several
major bugs. So many of them that the Ubisoft team had to issue a public
apology and announce free DLC for the game owners and a free game for
the Season Pass owners. Amid all this mess, the Assassin’s Creed
franchise just received a major leak about the next year’s addition to
the historical-fiction series. According to the reports on Kotaku,
which are also backed up by several statements, the new entrant to the
Assassin’s Creed franchise is set in Victorian London and is codenamed
“Assassin’s Creed: Victory” by Ubisoft.

Next Big Assassin’s Creed Title, Codenamed “Assassin’s Creed
Victory,” Leaked – Set to Launch in Fall Next Year for the Latest

If reports circling around the internet are to be believed, the much
awaited and highly anticipated historical Victorian era has finally been
modeled by the Assassin’s Creed team and it will take you back to the
dirty, yet developing, back alleys of London. Much like the rest of the
Assassin’s Creed games, Assassin’s Creed: Victory is an open world
action series available to all the major gaming platforms i.e.
PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Windows PC.
The upcoming title will apparently be a singular launch for the
Ubisoft team unlike the previous collective launch for the Assassin’s
Creed: Unity and Rogue where Assassin’s Creed: Rogue was overshadowed by
the Unity’s anticipation and then its failure to run with so many bugs.
Many of the Assassin’s Creed followers thought that 2015 would be a
skip year for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise after their fail
launch of Assassin’s Creed: Unity but the team has proved itself again,
to be as ambitious as ever and will come up with the new addition in
fall of 2015.

Victory 2

According to the 7 minute video shown to the Kotaku staff, the game
runs pretty slick and could be far from what the real game looks like if
the franchise is this stable and still has such a long time before its
release. The report claims
that the upcoming leaked title might as well be using the same version
of Anvil video game development engine that was used to mold the in-game
world of the recently released, ill-fated Assassin’s Creed Unity. Hopes
are that Ubisoft will be very cautious while bug-testing Assassin’s
Creed: Victory, and if the development team handles this game the right
way, it might even make the series shine once again.

Following the leak, Ubisoft decided to comment on the authenticity of the leak, and sent a statement out to PCGamer stating:

“It is always unfortunate when internal assets, not
intended for public consumption, are leaked. And, while we certainly
welcome anticipation for all of our upcoming titles, we’re disappointed
for our fans, and our development team, that this conceptual asset is
now public. The team in our Quebec studio has been hard at work on the
particular game in question for the past few years, and we’re excited to
officially unveil what the studio has been working on at a later date.
In the meantime, our number one priority is enhancing the experience of
Assassin’s Creed Unity for players.”

Victory Victory 3 Victory 4

The Assassin’s Creed team will be leaving the Xbox 360 and the PS3
behind and will stick to the new console versions i.e. the PlayStation 4
and Xbox One. PC, most obviously, is there too.

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