Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wins Over Note 4 For Android 5.0 OTA Update

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wins Over Note 4 For Android 5.0 OTA Update

Samsung’s flagship for the year 2013, Galaxy Note 3 gets the official
Android 5.0 OTA release in several regions. According to SamMobile,
Samsung’s website for community approved that owner of Galaxy Note 3 in
Russia has received the notification to OS update.

The build number that arrived with the OS update to Android 5.0
Lollipop is ‘N900XXUEBOA6’ and brought with it a whole set of new
features combined with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Hence, it caters
fresh TouchWiz user interface features, overhauled interface,
notification on lock screen options, enriched and better battery life
performance, performance boosts and ample of features yet ready to be

This is undoubtedly not any anticipated move by the Korean tech giant
yet a mere surprise to put out the new OS in a two year old Galaxy Note
3 rather than its successor, the Galaxy Note 4. However, on the
whereabouts, it is rumored that Samsung is having trouble tackling some
bug issues in the test of Android Lollipop on Note 4.

This does not only imply to Samsung devices alone but Google’s very
own Nexus devices have faced the same issues. Some early installers have
complained about bugs distorting the potential performance of their
devices. To tackle the situation, Google has released two updates for
stability since its launch in November 2014, the 5.0.1 and 5.0.2.

Installing The OTA Update:

Some of the Galaxy Note 3 owners are getting the update facility and
if you’re up for it then select ‘’Yes, I’m in’’ option, then, after
downloading the update tap ‘’Install now’’. After the auto reboot, you
will be presented the update version, Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Right now, the Android update is being broadcast only to the Note 3
owners in Russia. To remind you all about the alternative way to get the
update, as the OTA updates are unconfined in phases, hence it might
take a week or two to reach all bends of the world.

For the time being, users can keep checking the update manually by
going to Settings, about phone/device and selecting system update.
Samsung Galaxy S5 is also included in the list to get Android 5.0
Lollipop update, seems all of Samsung’s flagship models for the year
2014 have received the update. More coming from this it is also expected
that the update will hit Galaxy S4 and marquee phone of 2013, soon.


we can say right now is that the update has completely redesigned
TouchWiz with a replacement from Dalvik to ART as its runtime which will
bring a lot of performance boost and enhanced battery life. The UI has
been given an all new Material Design look with fluid animations
graphics and interactive user interface. For more do stay connected and
share your thoughts in the comments.

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